Fall Stuff: Walnuts!!!

Don't let the squirrels get 'em all - use them yourself! Here's how to harvest, prepare, & store walnuts right off the trees.

Walnuts are a HUGE part of fall in my world, thanks to (1) the enormous, beautiful black walnut tree that is the indisputable emperor of my back yard, and (2) a vast and hyperactive squirrel community whose collective life mission is storing as many walnuts as possible between the wall studs in my …

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Leaf Raking Hacks

Leaf Raking Hacks & Tips - It's a big seasonal PIA, but there are ways to make it easier.

Raking leaves is one of the Great Annual Annoyances. Sure, kids and puppies jumping in big fluffy piles of leaves are a mainstay of heartwarming ads and after school specials, but that’s pure TV fantasy … just ask anyone with a property full of trees that shed nonstop from Labor …

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