8 Zero-Effort Ways To Reduce Energy Costs In The Laundry

laundry-energyDirty laundry is inevitable – it’s part of the human condition. But getting it clean doesn’t have to be a budget buster. There are lots of ways to reduce energy costs in the laundry. Here are eight of them, that take just about zero effort.

Wash in cold water. Heating the water is by far the biggest energy expenditure related to washing machines – in fact it’s about 95% of the energy cost! So setting your washer to cool for both wash and rinse cycles can make a big difference.

Be sure to use a spin cycle to get most of the moisture out of the clothes before they go into the dryer.

Don’t do laundry until you have a full load. You will run fewer cycles and the machine will operate more efficiently.

Set your washing machine to a shorter cycle (skip the pre-rinse, etc.)

Cut back on the amount of detergent. This is a place where less is more in many ways. Not only will your machine work more efficiently without an overload of suds, your clothes will actually get cleaner.

Do your laundry during off-peak hours, when electric rates are lower

Keep the dryer’s lint trap and external vent cleaned out. The dryer will work more efficiently.

Try “dryer balls” (pictured at left) – special rubber balls that are supposed to reduce drying time and make clothes soft and fluffy


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