Seven Thrifty Uses for Vinegar in the Laundry Room

There are literally hundreds of uses for vinegar, one of the most versatile kitchen cupboard money savers. Here are seven ways to use vinegar in the laundry room.

* Eliminate lint – Add one cup vinegar to each wash load to keep lint from clinging to clothing.

* Keep colors from running – Give dark or bright colored items a ten minute presoak in full strength vinegar.

* Fluff blankets – Add two cups of vinegar to rinse cycle to make both wool and cotton blankets soft and fluffy.

* Remove telltale signs that a garmet has been altered – If you rehem a garment but can still see a ridge of tiny holes where the hem was previously sewn, try this. Dampen a cloth with vinegar, put it under the altered fabric, and iron.

* Completely remove soap residue from clothing (and brighten colors, too!) – add a half cup of vinegar to the final rinse.

* Remove coffee stains –  Dampen the area with vinegar and rub. Launder as usual. (Works on other stains too!)

* Remove smoke smell from clothes – Add a cup of vinegar to a couple inches of hot water in a bathtub. Hang clothing in the steam.

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