Eight absolutely excellent uses for fabric softener sheets

dryer-sheetsEven if you rarely use your dryer – even if you don’t even have a dryer – you gotta keep a box of these around. True domestic multi-taskers!

1. They really do repel dust from computer monitors and TV screens – just wipe the screen down and it will stay virtually dust free for an amazingly long time.

2. They do a great job of removing waterspots and soap scum in showers, bathtubs, and sinks.

3. If your hair is doing that weird static-electricity flyaway thing, wipe it lightly with a dryer sheet.

4. They can actually get burned-on food off a baking dish. Just put a dryer sheet on the bottom of the dish, fill it with water, and soak overnight.

5. Put a dryer sheet into a spray bottle and fill with water. Voila, instant air freshener.

6. They make a pretty good insect repellent. Wipe down your arms and legs with one before you go outside.

7. Stick ’em into stinky shoes. Make the world a better place.

8. They’re dynamite for getting pet hair off clothing or furniture – just rub gently with a dryer sheet and the hairs will stick to it like a magnet.

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